Council Committees

The City of Kadoka is a 2nd Class Municipality and operates under the aldermatic form of government.  The governing body is made up of a Mayor and 6 City Council Members. 

There are eight council committees.  These committees are utilized to make every day city operations run more smoothly and to assist the public.  Below is a list of the mayor, council members and their respective committees:

        Mayor - Harry Weller

Water/Sewer - Ryan Willert (Chairman), Tim Huffman, Eileen Stolley

Recreation - Paula Holley (Chairman), Chris Grillo, Ryan Willert

Streets/Permits - Tim Huffman (Chairman), Chris Grillo

Public Safety - Eileen Stolley (Chairman), Chris Grillo

Transfer Station -  Chris Grillo (Chairman), Tim Huffman, Paula Holley

Liquor -  (Chairman), Paula Holley, Ryan Willert

Budget Committee - Mayor & All Council Members

Employee Policy - Mayor & All Council Members