City Departments

Transfer Station

Stephen Riggins is the Transfer Station & Landfill Operator. 

They are located at 1700 Spruce Street.


Hours:  Tuesday & Thursday - 2pm to 6pm

           Saturday 9am to 5pm

Any questions or concerns please contact Stephen at 837-2139 (Transfer Station) or 837-2229 (Finance Office).


Finance Department

LaTasha Buchholz is the City Finance Officer.

The City Finance Office is open Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and is located at 919 Main Street.

If you have questions you can call the City Finance Office at 837-2229.


Street Department

The Kadoka City Shop is open Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m and is located at 805 10th Avenue.


Any questions or concerns please contact Patrick Solon at 837-2140 (Shop) or 837-2229 (Finance Office).


Water Department

LaTasha Buchholz is the Finance Officer and is responsible for water billing.  Her office is located at 919 Main Street.  Call 837-2229 with questions.

Nathan Riggins is the Kadoka Water Superintendent and can be contacted at the City Shop (837-2140) or at the Finance Office (837-2229).


Sewer Department

Nathan Riggins is the Sewer Department Superintendent.

Nathan can be reached at the Kadoka City Shop (837-2140) or the Kadoka City Office (837-2229).



Billie Jo Eisenbraun is the maintenance person for the Auditorium.

Billie Jo can be reached by calling 837-2149 (Auditorium) or 837-2229 (City Office). 

The Kadoka City Auditorium is located at 820 Chestnut Street.


Parks Department

Billie Jo Eisenbraun oversees the Park Maintenance.

The Kadoka City Park is located at 600 Poplar Street.

Any questions or concerns please contact Billie Jo at 837-2149 (Auditorium) or 837-2229 (Finance Office).


Kadoka City Bar

The Kadoka City Bar Manager is Jackie Stilwell.

You can reach the Kadoka City Bar by calling 837-9102.

The Kadoka City Bar opens at 10am, Monday thru Saturday and is located at 819 Main Street.


Police Department

The City of Kadoka is now contracting with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

The phone number is 605-837-2285