City of Kadoka established in 1906

The City of Kadoka was originally named Willard but was eventually renamed Kadoka, which originated from "Hodoka", meaning "Hole in the Wall".  The Indians thought Kadoka was a fitting name because it sits at the mouth of a gap leading into the Badlands.

The Train Depot was built in the spring of 1907 and town lots were sold April 7, 1907.

Kadoka was incorporated on May 4, 1908 and the Independent School District was organized in July of 1908.

The first City Volunteer Fire Department came into being in 1909 as well as the organization of a Commercial Club.  Gas street lights were also installed in town at this time.

In 1910 a phone office was set up, as well as the High School building being dedicated with grades 1 thru 10 being taught.  In 1913 the 11th grade was added, followed by the 12th grade.  The present school building was built in 1939.

The first town well was completed in August of 1908 in the center of Main Street.  In 1911 the town bonded for the first water lines ($6,700).  A large well was dug later west of the fair grounds but the town soon outgrew that supply and found it necessary to haul water from Wells Spring and the artesian well on the White River.  In 1950 a deep artesian well was dug on the east edge of Kadoka and when that proved insufficient a second artesian well was dug in 1964.  

In 1915 Kadoka was no longer a part of Stanley County and became Jackson County.  An election was held to determine the county seat and Kadoka came out on top with 410 of the 610 votes cast.  On July 28th, 1916 the County Court House was dedicated in Kadoka.

In 1926 the streets in town were treated with a gravel coat and Main Street was re-graveled in 1931 and later hard surfaced.

In 1937 the City took over the liquor business and today continues to operate the Kadoka City Bar.

In 1962 the first public library was established and the City Auditorium was built and dedicated.